Senior Level Artist (F/D/M)

Full-Time in Berlin, DE - Art

Our live game Merge Mayor has been entertaining players for over a year now. To entertain our growing player base we’re continuously creating new content. We’re looking for a new Senior Level Artist to lead and support our existing pipeline by creating and exploring new areas, towns, biomes and worlds and help navigate other artists in our small and dynamic team to maintain our high quality standards and bring our game to the next level.

The Senior Level Artist plays a key role in ensuring a high level of quality in our content creation pipeline. Because they’ll be bringing level building experience to the table, they’ll have ownership of new area development and support other artists to maintain a high standard of quality. The Level Artist will also work closely with designers to integrate their creative ideas with the game’s developing storyline and events.

As a member of our Art team, the Senior Level Artist will actively participate in feedback sessions. They will work most closely with our in-house Level Artist. There are opportunities to either grow into a managerial role and lead the Level Art function or become an expert and master technical skills, like creating new tools.

Key tasks:

  • Creating art from block-out to final integration
  • Creating and authoring of our game worlds
  • Creating fun and engaging stories not only in individual areas but also on an overarching level by working closely with our narrative designer
  • Participating in quality assurance and feedback with Art team members
  • Filling the game worlds and areas with life by adding animations and VFX by creating new assets or using our existing tools library
  • Being part of planning a long roadmap of content, filling the game with months and years of existing stories and new engaging towns and areas
  • Planning and executing (together with designers) memorable seasonal events

Who should apply?

  • People who like to create great art collaboratively
  • Designers with a great sense of scale, composition, storytelling and a deep understanding of art fundamentals like color theory and lighting
  • People who have experience in Environment Art and setting up engaging and fun levels in a mobile game
  • People with an understanding of how a gaming studio operates, ideally with experience in working closely with multiple departments
  • People who are experienced working in a game engine, willingness to learn Unity and, a strong interest in technical processes

Bonus points for:

  • Non-design development experience (animator, shaders, vfx etc)
  • Good knowledge in Blender, 3ds Max or comparable 3D suite
  • 2D skills (sketching, painting)
  • Unity experience